Eco-Friendly Soaps, Body and Skin Care with Natural Ingredients

Eco-Friendly Soaps, Body and Skin Care with Natural Ingredients

Fruits & Passion offers eco-friendly soaps and products for hand, body and skin care. Their products use biodegradable formulas and recyclable containers. In addition to this, they sell products not tested on animals. If these green commitments are good for environment and animals, the use of ingredients of natural origin is specially good for our skin. This online store is committed to conducting business in a manner that attempts to manage environmental issues responsibly.

Among other natural ingredients, some Fruits & Passion products use first cold-pressed olive oil, olive oil unsaponifiables and olive tree extract. These ingredients have many benefits for our skin, like to help maintain the skin's elasticity, suppleness and hydration, or to regenerate the skin's moisture barrier. We find Eco Specifications for every products, where we can find information about which natural ingredients are used, if no ingredients derived from animals are used or no paraben is added.

We can find a great varierty of products in this store for Home and Kitchen, including hand soaps, frangance for diffusers, dish detergent, room spray, perfumed candle and scented candle. Hand and Body Care products include moisturizing cream, nourishing butter, shower gel, body butter, perfumed body cream and foaming bath. Also, there are Eau de Toilette and Face Mask. Furthermore, we can save money with Refills for many products, and find current promotions with huge discounts in the Fruits & Passion Promotions section. Fruits & Passion offers delivery throughout Canada and the U.S. They don't make any shipments outside Canada or the U.S. Would you like to look for eco-friendly products in this store right now?

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