Welcome to Mommy Is Green

Welcome to Mommy Is Green

This is my first post in my new website, Mommy Is Green. Here you will find anything going "green", including eco-friendly and organic products, DIY supplies, recycling, etc. Also, you will find shopping deals, sales, promo codes and coupons helping you to save money. But is this blog really new? Well, yes and no, let me tell you.

Years ago there was a beautiful blog located in this domain, www.mommyisgreen.net, described by her former owner as "my journey to going green one product at a time and other tidbits". Now the site has new owner (I'm a man without children, not a mom), with new contents, but with similar topics. So whether you were a reader of the former blog, or you come here for first time, I wish you will enjoy my site. Come back from time to time to read new posts. If you want you can subscribe here to blog's posts. Well, nothing more to say right now, so... Welcome!

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