5 Easy Tips for Saving Energy at Home with Just One Touch

5 Easy Tips for Saving Energy at Home with Just One Touch

Saving energy at home is a green way to save money. These 5 easy tips don't need any installation or making great chages in your daily life. You just need one touch with your finger, or at most, moving your hand. Though they are old and obvious counsels, sometimes we may fail to apply some of them. So check yourself and try to apply all the tips that may help you to save energy at home.

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, unless you are coming back in a reasonable time. Most of our parents told us to do so. It's still a good counsel, just don't get too much obsessed with it.
  2. Turn off the devices and appliances you aren't using. If nobody is watching TV, then it should be turned off. The same applies for computers and mobile devices. At least, turn off the screen of the device, whether doing it manually or changing screen settings.
  3. Adjust the thermostat of your air conditioning system, acording to the current season and weather conditions. Trying to have the same home temperature all the year isn't really eco-friendly. So adjust the thermostat with some degrees less in winter and some more degrees in summer. Just wear the right clothes for every season.
  4. Close the doors of all rooms you are not using. This way you reduce the area you need to heat or to cool, and you need less energy.
  5. Open the windows at the best time to ventilate your home. In the summer you could cool your home opening the windows in the morning. In the winter, the noon could be the best moment. Of course, you need to have in mind also the levels of polution and other factors.

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