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These Privacy Policy describes how is collected, saved or used the information through the services of the website Mommy Is Green (henceforth "the site"), in the URL:

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This site uses third party services (advertisers, traffic scan and hosting provider). You can consult the privacy policies of these services:.

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Personal information
As users don't need to register to use the site, generally there is no treat of personal information. Unless suffering an undesirable interference (like a hackers attack, for example), any personal information obtained through the web contact won't be included in any database. Nevertheless, this site don't take responsability of the treatment of the information that you give to advertisers or to any other third party.

For any consultation or doubt about this Privacy policy, send an e-mail to: rockoclock[at]ya[dot]com. You will find more information in the Terms of Use.

The site reserves the right to change without previous advice this Privacy Policy.

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